braestone estates, now selling.

the country estate, rethought.

At Braestone we are creating a community that is a near perfect blend of nature and neighbourliness, proximity, and privacy. A community that offers a casual yet refined style of living. A community that is down home, yet up-country that is truly ‘rare earth. Register here.

the remarkables.

Born of the land, Braestone’s amenities are simple and timeless Remarkables that have grown naturally out of the community’s own unique and magnificent landscape. Skate on the pond, walk through acres of forests, and pick a pumpkin. Because of these Remarkables, people who could live anywhere, choose to live at Braestone.

down home, up country.

Braestone appeals to families who have a natural affinity for the outdoors, and who choose to lead active, fulfilling lives in a country setting while in close proximity to daily conveniences.

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