windfall at blue, now selling.

this is your windfall.

Escape from urban congestion and complexity in a place where nature and neighbourhood are in perfect balance. Consistent with the original vision for Blue Mountain Resort, the Master Plan for Windfall was created under the belief that neighbourhoods are shaped by people’s desire to interact with each other and their surroundings. Register here.

meet you at the shed.

We believe there’s something wonderful about a community with heart, and one where neighbours come together. In the heart of Windfall will be the Shed, a vibrant gathering place inspired by the historic barns in the Georgian Bay area. With its fireplace, pools, barbecue patio, a playing field, and more, exclusively for the residents of Windfall.

make windfall yours.

One of Windfall’s remarkable features is its incredible location – in the heartland of Ontario’s most popular recreational playground and next to Blue Mountain resort.

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